Discovery Channel Website Redesign

This is a concept project to redesign Discovery Channel's frontpage. It includes three redesign concept to cater to 3 personas: Single, Teenager and Seniors. The main goal of this webpage mockup is to increase the user engagement on the website. With three different persona groups to focus on, we are able to look into the characteristics of each and provide personalized solution. The method I use to develop the different design elements for each persona group is by observing how each group maneuvers a site. Based on past experience of the exposure to computers and websites, each persona group shows a different behavior when browsing the web. For the singles at the age group of 24 to 35, users are heavy computer users and their brain connects relevant information in an organized method. With their limited time to browse through each and every item on the web, they would prefer a clean design as their navigation. On the other hand, for the teenage users, they are able to quickly absorb a ton of information in one second. Having more leisure time and having our goal to increase the possibility to keep them hanging around the website, more web information is being showcased on the frontpage. The seniors are aged 50 and above. Comparing all persona groups, they do not have much computer and web exposure. The design for this layout focuses on simplicity, and at the same time presenting enough information on the front page to help the group get to the information they need.

Persona A: Low Fidelity Mockup
Persona A: High Fidelity Mockup
Persona A: High Fidelity Mockup (With Side Menu)
Persona B: Low Fidelity Mockup
Persona B: High Fidelity Mockup
Persona C: Low Fidelity Mockup
Persona C: High Fidelity Mockup
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